Our Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewellery

Our wholesale sterling silver jewellery is made with over 92.5% pure silver mixed with alloys to create jewellery that will remain exquisite wear after wear and can last customers for decades. In fact, sterling silver pieces often become family heirlooms due to their impressive durability and captivating detail.

Wholesale sterling silver pieces in our collections will give customers a timeless accessory for any occasion from weddings to dressing up an outfit for a quiet dinner out. We have a wide range of pieces of wholesale sterling silver in countless different styles so there is sure to be something that complements the personal style of every customer. Sterling silver is known to coincide well with nearly every outfit.

Wholesale Sterling Silver at Briolette

Briolette is an experienced company committed to creating well priced wholesale sterling silver that is both innovative and elegant.

Sterling silver is ideal for gifts with its versatility and beauty and our huge range ensures that customers will be able to find a special piece perfect either for themselves or for their friend, colleague or family member.

Due to the wonderful malleability of silver, we are able to offer stand out bracelets, rings and necklaces that keep up with the latest fashions in jewellery.

Briolette sells to trade only, so in order to browse our collections, please contact us to become a member.