Silver Jewellery Wholesalers in the UK

Silver has always been one of the most valued metals in the history of the world. However, it only became one of the key materials in fashion jewellery relatively recently, swiftly becoming one of the favourite go-to metals of manufacturers. Knowing the value and beauty of it, Briolette could not help but claim a title of professional and attentive silver jewellery wholesalers in the UK.

Silver itself is known to be a very soft material, thus in manufactory of silver jewellery it has to be mixed with other metals. This creates Sterling Silver, the material our products are made of. Not only it allows creation of the best looking designs, but also makes them less prone to tarnishing. As we are trustworthy silver jewellery wholesalers, it is our duty to ensure our jewellery is made out of 92, 5% of pure silver, making it a top-rated real sterling silver, just as the UK standards demand. This is our guarantee that with Briolette you will never need to worry about quality.

We are aware it is often tricky to find a quick and reliable supplier. At Briolette, to justify the name of a professional silver jewellery wholesalers, we offer not just fast and efficient service, but a whole lot of benefits.  We give our customers a stunning range of breathtaking earrings, gorgeous necklaces, astonishing chains, elegant bracelets, beautiful bangles and delicate rings – and we offer it all on highly competitive prices.

Silver Jewellery Wholesalers in the UK – Briolette

At Briolette we aim to become your one-stop-shop. As silver jewellery wholesalers in the UK, we see it as our duty to introduce you to our vast range of sterling silver production for the price our competitors can’t beat.  We do our best to entice new and returning customers, thus we offer a variety of top-grade silver jewellery alongside to the extinguishing customer service.

Briolette operates a selling to trade only policy, thus only members can view our production. If you would like to see our range, please contact us using any of the methods on the Contact page requesting an account. If you have an existing account, to view our production you will need to log in.

To find out more about Briolette wholesale costume jewellery suppliers and our products, please contact us by email – or give us a call on 02074 309 138.